30. jun, 2015

Living forever

Morning light.
Sunrise over ocean.
Like a light love will shine.
God is the answer of spirits.
The morning is very beautiful.
Jesus Christ lives for ever.

He is with us now and care:
Don't be afraid dear friend.
Gonna be with you always.
You can't get lost there at all.
Because my love will follow.
Like a shadow after you.
When everything is going right.
If you loose your course I lead you.
My love, light and care will shine,
every moment of you spirit life.
You choosed to be there with me.
Promise I will be with you forever.
Because you have asked me to be.
My love is flowing between us.
You can feel it now and every time.

Says Jesus to you with his love.
God is Him and Him is God.
The light is blowing like a wind.
Between you and God every moment.
If you want to follow Him dear friend.
Beloved by His unconditional promise.
With love.

Copyright Sari-Savy Vesanen