2. jul, 2015

Voice Calling

One is not going right way.
Somebody told me about you.
That is why i wonder whats up.

Jesus is the answer to lost spirits.
God is liked by many not denied.
So is my love growing for him.

Spiritual lessons from our God.
Gives us a opportunity of living.
Here on earth like we do now.

Hear his voice calling your name.
Listen carefully what he is saying.
Something new about living there.

No one is like him he is so loving.
Can give hope to every soul.
About everlasting spiritual life.

On Earth first and then in Universe.
If you want it by your own descision.
You can receive a promise right away.

So my dear friend what do you think?
Isn't it a very temptating opportunity?
Do you like to know him better?

You once did but you have forgotten.
When you started your Earth life.
Once you were with him in Universe.

That is the true about your past.

With love.

Copyright Sari-Sävy Vesanen