14. feb, 2016

The miles are many just.
Them go I really do must.

Can you give me a chance?
To do the ultimated dance.

On the stage from before.
Give me a reason for more.

Than the love I gave there.
Nothing is like it just here.

Ever is nothing more fine.
Hope the sun gonna shine.

Every day to the sky night.
Blue is the coulor best might.

Leaving this writing now when.
Got to be nicer live here then.

Sleep well dearest of my all.
Promise I later shall you call.

Copyright Sari-Sävy Vesanen
11. feb, 2016

I loved you once and twice.
Live without you were vise.

Then I fall again in the same.
My love grow became flame.

Just you came and burn me.
Blow it all out, I can not see.

Any more reason for us more.
Can not buy some on any store.

Love turn to ashes in my mind.
You are not good to me or kind.

My love for you still lives in me.
I wanna know now, who is she?

Copyright Sari-Sävy Vesanen
7. feb, 2016

My man there in other bay.
Can you just to now say.

The loving words forever.
If not please do it never.

Let then me you forget.
Crie until cheaks is wet.

The heart is empty just.
So that I can do all must.

For life and love in dead.
Make the food and read.

Stories from my mind.
Can you be such kind?

Copyright Sari-Sävy Vesanen
4. feb, 2016


I give the soul in your hands.
King of the heaven and lands.

Time has come to realize now.
My life is going here any how.

Gonna make promises to keep.
But I am just one of your sheep.

Lead me on my way here right.
Have to be me no else I might.

Living my life as good I can just.
Be the one you maded me must.

Please help me on my way here.
Thank you for beeing father there.

You are the father, mother and son.
Spiritual life is hard or easy and fun.

Copyright Sari-Sävy Vesanen
24. jan, 2016

Love is the best to show.
If you just can let it grow.

To a big feeling like flame.
Never is anything to shame.

There is people good givers.
It can be like a running rivers.

Some people are evil here.
Power in Universe is there.

Gonna give us light down.
King is there without crown.

Our creator of this all once.
Gave us a real good chance.

To be here and learn to live.
Make choice to loving give.

This moment now I just say.
Give us possibility is my pray.

Copyright Sari-Sävy Vesanen