28. dec, 2015


I stand with the road. Many cars drive fast and pass by.
I lift up my face and see you stand on the other side.
Then we get eyecontact. I can see sorrow in your eyes.

That make me feel sorrow too.You look at me and say
my name loudly. I look straight at you and can not hardly
breath. Many thoughts cross my mind. I feel so much
love for you.

A Mercedes stop at your side of road. Then you lift your
right arm, sign good bye and go in the car which drives
away. I can see that the driver was a woman.

I can not do anything at all. Feel lonelyness in my mind.
Then I turn around and go away from there. I meet some-
body who hugs me and gives me a kiss on my cheak.

Wich make me feel happy and loved again.

Copyright Sari-Sävy Vesanen